Tullyherron Farm Feeds Ltd. started trading in October 2005 and is based in Northern Ireland. 

The principal function of Tullyherron Farm Feeds Ltd. is to provide high quality blends and a nutrition service for livestock farmers. 

We place a strong emphasis on walking your stock regularly and monitoring performance at farm level. All diets are formulated based on individual customer requirements.  This business philosophy stems from our understanding that every farm scenario is different and needs to be treated as such, different breeds, different forages etc. This all leads to improved feed conversion efficiency and reduced costs.

We use only the highest quality ingredients and avoid “filler” type feeds, and are members of the UFAS Feed assurance scheme. Technological advances in animal nutrition are a driving force in the business.  Research and Development and product innovation both play a key role. A new nutrition programme for feeding cows in robotic milking systems is now in place.

If you have a nutritional problem on your farm or your stock are not thriving as well as they could be, our experienced team will be more than happy to help!